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We Coach Businesses on Medical Marijuana

It’s easy to forget that cannabis is a multi-faceted industry with many opportunities, particularly medicinal cannabis. Businesses today have their pick at the various types of medical marijuana businesses.

Growing Cannabis Consultants


Some states have legalized indoor or outdoor growing, allowing businesses to produce huge crops of medical marijuana and sell those yields to medical dispensaries. Our cannabis consultants know the secrets to marijuana farming as well as indoor grow operations using both hydroponics and soil-based growing methods. Getting licensed and growing cannabis legally and in a variety of ways is one of our specialties. We can help you buy the equipment, find a place to grow and be successful at it.

Medical Dispensary Consultants


All states with legal MMJ provide the product to their residents through dispensaries. These are essentially stores that are licensed and approved to sell to legal card holders. Medical marijuana dispensaries need only minimal licensing and a connection to a local grower to get started. We work closely with pre-existing dispensaries and growers around the nation and can provide an easy transition into owning your own dispensary.

Marijuana Clinic Consultants

Card Issuing

Medical marijuana hasn’t been around forever. Those interested in treating themselves with cannabis rarely know how to get licensed and often search online for doctors. This is a lucrative opportunity to get behind the issuing of cannabis cards and provide those with qualifying conditions an opportunity. While issuing MMJ cards may have higher startup costs, the return on investment is equally as high. Let our cannabis consultants guide you into this untapped industry and help you get established as a reputable MMJ card supplier.

CBD Oil: A Hidden Gem

Make no mistake, CBD, the cannabinoid within marijuana that has been widely discussed in the news is going to continue to cure diseases and solve medical problems that pharmaceutical companies can’t. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Unlike THC, the other primary cannabinoid in marijuana, there’s no “high” or psychoactive effect. When it’s extracted for the plant and used to create CBD oil, it’s a harmless and effective treatment aid. People are using CBD oils to treat medical phenomenons like seizures and to great success.

We Coach Businesses on Recreational Marijuana

Marijuana's retail sales market is exploding as it expands to new states within the U.S. Just like medical marijuana, recreational cannabis has many opportunities for businesses and investors.

Growing Cannabis


Just like medical marijuana, the recreational industry has a strong need for quality growers. Producing marijuana is one of the most profitable businesses. As marijuana consultants, we understand local legalities and can coach you on how to buy property or buildings for legal grow operations. Unsure what supplies are needed? We’ll help you acquire lighting, nutrients and other all other growing equipment.

Retail Marijuana Sales

Retail Sales

The retail sales market for recreational marijuana is enormous. You may have heard that Colorado topped over $1 billion in legal marijuana sales in 2016 and they did it in 10 months, not 12. In 2015, the state came shy of breaking $1 billion at $996 million. Colorado won’t be the only state to reach these incredible sales records. Recreational marijuana is a giant industry with potential for new businesses to jump in and capitalize.

Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Infused Products

Perhaps just as exciting as selling marijuana bud is the potential to sell cannabis infused products. These are products from brownies, cookies and other pastries to drinks, drops, mints, coffee and much more. Companies are finding unique and creative ways to infuce THC and CBD into their products and we’ll help you explore these possibilities as your cannabis business consultant.

Marijuana Product Sales

Buying and selling marijuana paraphernalia is another way to jump into the industry and turn a profit. Products like bongs, vaporizers, pipes, grinders and other smoking supplies can be very lucrative. We’ll help you find wholesale suppliers and dropshippers for marijuana products and connect you with the right people to set-up and begin marketing your own ecommerce store. Marijuana product sales in the recreational market is booming.

Everything you need to know about cannabis

As marijuana consultants, your success is our success. We know the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and can help your startup start turning a profit and pave the way for long-term success. The Cannabis Consulting Firm is your solution to marijuana entrepreneurship and owning a legitimate business in the cannabis industry.